Registration Help

  1. Click LOG IN at the upper-right portion of the site header.

    click "Log In" at the upper-right portion of the screen

  2. You will be presented with the login screen. If this is your first time logging in, you'll need to register. Click the Register link below the login screen.


  3. That will bring up the registration area.


    Fill out the necessary information and then click Register. Login info will be sent to the email address you filled in at the top of the form. You will be able to change your password on the Profile Update page of the site.
  4. Once your registration information has been approved, you will receive a second email notification. Go back to home page, click LOG IN and enter your email address (or your username) and assigned password in the appropriate fields. You'll now have access to the resident areas of the web site, access that the public at large doesn't see.